What is TCEP?

The Texas College of Emergency Physicians is a 501c(6) organization composed of over 2050 emergency physicians in Texas. Our membership includes emergency physicians who practice in a wide variety of settings, including: large and small groups, academic centers, urban and rural, board certified and non-board certified, residents, and medical students. Despite the varied backgrounds they work together for the common goal of furthering the specialty of emergency medicine in Texas.

Mission Statement

The Texas College of Emergency Physicians exists to promote quality emergency care for all patients and to represent the professional interests of our members.


The Texas College of Emergency Physicians bylaws are available here.

ACEP Information

The American College of Emergency Physicians was founded in 1968. Today we represent more than 31,000 members and are the emergency medicine specialty society recognized by organized medicine.

In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, practicing emergency physicians need a strong, unified voice. That voice is the American College of Emergency Physicians.

ACEP is your advocate and is proactively working in the state and federal legislative and regulatory arenas to protect and promote the interests of emergency physicians. Membership in ACEP gives you information about the changing practice of emergency medicine, access to educational meetings and conferences, representation in Washington, D.C. networking opportunities, special benefits, and much, much more.

As a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians you will have an active voice in determining the College's policies and actions on the issues that matter to you. The College has a national and chapter representative system that guarantees a broad base of member input and participation opportunities.

Join today and take an active role in determining the future of our specialty.